Acu-Strike Golf Impact Training Mats

4ft x 5ft Golf Mat plus THREE additional 19” x 10” Golf Mats

  • One: Outdoor Mat.
  • One: Indoor/Hard Surface Mat for Concrete, Wood and Tyle Floors, Industrial Carpet and Regular Carpet or on the Grass.
  • One: Turf Insert Mat with hole for rubber tee’s
  • Simply insert either the Indoor Mat or the Turf mat you would like to use into the 4′ x 5′ professional Mat. The outdoor mat is for the grass only !
  • No More Guessing, Instant Feedback
  • After you see the Mark left on the mat, *Your Swing Path*, you can instantly begin to correct your swing. This will help you correct your predominant swing path errors because Now You Can See It.!……” NO MORE GUESSING”…….”Great Practice and Training Aid”

Turf Mat can be used with drivers like any golf mat for tee off practice. The 4 x 5 ft mat and the turf mat are waterproof.

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