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After you sign up , you get a link / banner ad that directs your traffic to our website. Every person that clicks on that link/ banner, is tracked for sales on our website. The software tracks your sales for credit on towards your payments ! ​ Contact us in an email and we will alert you as soon as this becomes available ! ​ This is Easy !

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Do you know alot of people who might make use of our product ? You don’t need to have a web site to participate in our revenue sharing program. All you need to do is send your clients, friends, acquaintances, customers to and we’ll share with you the sales that are generated each month!. If you send us a new client /friend /acquaintance today, you will collect your share of that client’s sale.

At the end of each month we will send you a payment for your share of the revenues generated by the clients you sent, in effect paying you a monthly income. This income is not fixed: it can keep growing as long as your clients are buying our product. Sending us clients can be done in any number of ways:

Sending link/banner that we provide when you sign up thru your email list to your friends or clients by adding a link/banner to the email or to your website, by advertising Acu Strike Golf on your own if you have marketing knowledge, or by any other method that you think appropriate. Even talking to friends at the club and say here , look at this and then text them a link. ​ You get paid once a month. The fee’s you collect could be substantial.

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