Watch what experts says about Acu-strike

Joseph Mclean
PGA Pro Instructor
Owner of Flagler Golf AcademyRick Flagler
During live Lessons with Instructor ” Mike Dynda” PGA Pro.
Comments from his students. One of them on the PGA Tour.Mike Dynda - PGA Pro
The Acu-Strike Mat has helped the game of my students, young girls women, men, everyone! It’s easy to use, to understand and I really enjoy using it.Victoria Fitzgerald - LPGA Professional
“I think it is phenomenal”
It gives Immediate feedback. No other Device can Do this ! The Instructional Video tells you all you need to know how to use this mat for your ball striking at any level.
(Hear his Tesitimonial on first Video at Home Page ) LuLu Country Club, PA.James Wilkes - PGA Professional
92 Year Old , Italian Designer , Pattern Maker, worked for Ralph Lauren for 19 Years. Talks about what happen for his neighbour after giving him the Acu-Strike Mat.Al Panebianco
This has got to be one of the best products I have ever used for improving my golf game. The kids and I are learning so much
from this invention…..
It’s fun. We don’t have to use a ball. It gives you a really good idea of where your ball is going to go by the mark it leaves on the mat. I think the kids are catching on even faster than I am.
It’s fun and I am very happy I tried it. John and the Grand Kids
After using the Acu-Strike Training System all we could do was wonder, how on earth did Instructors and Golfers ever do without
this simple, accurate, amazing little System. The instant feedback
and being able to see exactly where our club head is striking the ball
was a big factor in correcting swing pattern errors that I had for a long time. I never fully understood why my ball was doing what it was doing. Well, now I do. I shaved 14 Strokes off of my game in the
first month of using This Product. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their golf game. It was very inexpensive.Frank & Donna - Florida
Stu has been involved in golf the past 44 years. He turned professional in 1982 and has been a member of the PGA of America since 1987. Stu has given over 24,000 individual lessons and 1,000 camps and clinics over his teaching career. Even though Stu is nationally known for his playing credentials his true passion in golf is helping golfers improve and giving lessons.
Stu is a former winner of the Pennsylvania State High School Championship, Pennsylvania State Open, Philadelphia Open and the Philadelphia PGA Section Championship. Stu has competed in 38 PGA tour events, which has included 7 major championships. His career highlight was finishing as the low club professional at the 1993 PGA Championship.Stu Ingraham - PGA Head Golf Professional